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From: mlogan
Subject: Douglas - part 3If you've come this far you know all of the obligatory crap that we say at
the beginning."if your under 18." blah, blah, blah.... "Nothin'. There's something that I need to tell you.""What?" I'm dreading what I might hear; usually when a conversation starts
out like that.."I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your friendship, and that
you're a really cool guy, and I'm glad that you're in my life."I was stunned. I've never been told that, least of all by a guy who was a
relatively new friend. "Do what?" I asked (which is Southern-speak for
"what?"). I was expecting to hear him say that it was nice knowin' you
Mark...When he repeated himself my heart swelled. But, I could tell
that..."You've been drinkin' haven't you.""Yessir I have!"I laughed and told him that the feeling was definitely mutual and that I
had secretly hoped he wouldn't be moving soon, but it was best for the
girls so what can you do. He repeated once or twice that he was glad I was
in his life. Damn, fuck underage toplist
talk about lifting my spirits!!! We talked for a few
more minutes and I asked if he was getting a little stoned as well."Awww, hell yeah, dawg," he said, laughing. Well, now I know how he got
the whiskey muscle to tell me what he did. No problem, though. Drunk
people always tell you how they really feel. Later that night I called him
back to "check in" on him. He was surely high by now. Douglass kept
asking me to come on over, that there were a couple of his friends with him
around the bonfire they had built on his property."I'd love to be around you in this condition," I told him."Bring it on, baby.""Dude, you have no idea how much I'd like to be there right now.""Come on down, baby" (by the way, "baby" is being said in a non-sexual way.
I call people baby all the time) he said."Not tonight, hoss.""Tomorrow night we're getting even more fucked up.""Hell man, you doin' nose candy?""Damn straight, illegal underage sexpics
baby. Are you disappointed in me?""Dude, you know how I feel about that kind of stuff. If you want to do it,
go for it.""Well I sure with you were here.""Me too. Later," I said and hung up.Truth be known, I don't do any type of drugs, with the exception of
alcohol. But like I said, if someone else wants to imbibe, so be it. Just
don't hurt anyone in the process. I knew he wasn't leaving his house so I
didn't have to worry about his driving.The next day I called to check on him - see how he was feeling."How ya doin' baby!!!!" I hollered."Just fine. Whatta you up to?""I just got a business meetin' that I'm on my way to. You?""On my way to lunch.""Where to.""Don't know.""Dude, you were so wacked out last night - it was funny.""Yep, and it's gonna be even more wacked out tonight.""Oh man. Well, we all have our demons." I said."Yeah, but some of us have a few more than others. black underage sex Me and my friends have
done even crazier shit than just nose candy. It gets crazy sometimes."
Meanwhile, my imagination is running wild."You might be surprised; I'll bet you and I share a few demons. We'll
see.""We'll holler at you later.""Bye."That was on Wednesday. Thursday I debated on whether or not to even call
him to say hi; you see, I was afraid that if I called him too much I'd get
on his nerves and it would be "adios" to the friendship. I didn't have to
continue the debate for long. My wife wanted to know an estimate on having
the work done to the kitchen, so I called him.When he answered I could tell he was outside and I asked him underage nude jpg what was up.
He had the girls with him for the remainder of the week and into the next
for spring break. They were working in the garden planting some veggies
and flowers. When Douglas is with his girls he's 100% daddy, which is
really great. It was my daughter's first birthday and I told him that we
were taking her to a kiddie pizza place. Her party would actually be on
Saturday, but we wanted to do something as a family. He said that sounded
like fun so I asked him if he wanted to come down and bring the girls, and
we sex underaged pictures
agreed on a time to meet. It turned out that we ended up eating at
another place and then meeting him down for the kids to play at the pizza
place. Boring details, I know, but this relationship had been building
gradually and I think underage nude jpg
you should know what was going on.We got there while they were just sitting down in a booth to wait for their
pizza. I had a ton of tokens and my son and I started playing some of the
games. Douglas' daughters were playing games as well and time and again
I'd get back black underage sex to the booth to chat with him for a bit. After they ate I
took a break and sat down in the booth next to theirs. My back was to the
wall and I stretched my legs out onto the seat. My wife was seated across
from me and Douglas came over picked up my feet and turned them so now my
feet weren't on the bench, and sat down next to me."How ya doin', baby!!!" he said. I thought I could smell beer on him. Ok,
I did smell beer, and though he wasn't drunk, I'm sure he was a bit buzzed.
He was in a goofy mood and pushed all the way against me, his back to me
sort of pinning underage masturbating topsites me to the wall, and said, "How come you always call me
'baby' when you call me?" He sounded goofy so I just rolled my eyes for my
wife's benefit and didn't answer the question. We joked around for a while
and got up to check on the kids. But damn it felt alfasex underage
good to have his body
pressed against mine. I felt like giving him some reach-around, but didn't
think my wife would appreciate that.At one point he and I were standing next to each other, talking about what
games we wanted to play each other on, and he started scratching my left
ass cheek with one finger. I never changed my demeanor but I was
completely shocked. It only lasted for a few seconds and I kept talking
through it. In a flash I decided not to react with either a joke about it
or anything else. I figured if he was testing the waters I wouldn't
complain. Tickle away, baby! He said he was trying to figure out a game
that we could do man on man. Yes, "man on man" were his words. I just
told him whatever he wanted to do was fine with me.The time had come to leave and I went out to the van to get a cd of Uncle
Kracker I had made for him. We had talked about his music before and I
figured I'd make the cd for him. I'm just a nude underage grils giving person that way (he he
he).The next day was filled with thoughts of Douglas. I was starting to scare
myself with how infatuated I was getting with the guy (or had gotten). I
wanted to talk to him constantly, which is something generally guys don't
do. Around 3:00 in the afternoon the phone rang, not my cell - the house
phone, and I looked and recognized his number."Hello?""Hey man, what's goin' on?""Nothin'. What's up with you?""Nothin'. I'm just sittin' on the front porch with the girls. They're
making some bead necklaces and bracelets.""Cool. Did you finish working on the garden.""Hell naw. Why don't you come on over here and finish it up for us.""Shoot. I've got plenty of gardening work to do myself. Plus I have to
pick up all the dog doody - my yard is starting to look like a pasture.""I just wanted to let you know that we had fun last night. I appreciate
you inviting us down.""No problem hoss. underage asian slut I'm glad y'all could make it."We started talking a little bit about the work that he was going to be
doing in our kitchen and about other things as well. He said he was just
calling up to say hello. We talked for a little bit more and I mentioned
his call to me the other night when he said that he appreciated having me
in his life."I totally meant it, man.""Well, I was totally thrown for a loop because I'm not used to hearing that
from my friends. But I'll tell you what, I was having a bad day and when
you said that it totally picked me up.""Cool, cool. We never ended up doing the nose candy that night.""Oh yeah?""Nah. Just didn't do it. I don't do that often; usually about once or
twice a year my friends and I will get a little crazy and do that. By the
way, I'd like to keep that part of my life between us.""That's cool.""Well dude, like I said I was just calling to see how things were with you.
Hope you have a nice day.""You too man, we'll talk to you later."We hung up and I was feeling great. If I haven't said it enough, there's
some sort of light in Douglas' eyes that just draws you (me) to him. I
think I'd do anything he asked, with the exception of murder or rape - LOL.
But he's also the kind just underage sexy
of guy that I really like to hang out with.
Something just clicked between us; whether it's a sex thing I'm not sure,
but we're like two kids when we get together. If it's not a sex thing,
it's still cool.That next week went by pretty quickly and I saw or talked Douglas several
times. Friday rolled around again and I had to run out to drop off some
plans in a town about 20 minutes away. On the way out there I made up some
bullshit reason to call Douglas."I'm just sitting here with my girls, drinkin' a beer or two. They're
making some necklaces and bracelets.""Looks like we've come full circle." He laughed a little at that."What are you up to?""I'm running some plans out to a client on the other side of the lake.""Well, why don't you stop by for a little bit?""I'll do it. See ya in about a half an hour.""See ya then."I was really on cloud nine. Just the chance to see him again put me in a
good mood. I dropped underage rape photo
off the plans and headed on over to Douglas' house.
I pulled up and he was sitting on the back deck talking on the phone so underaged sex galleries
talked to just underage sexy his daughters for a minute. When he got off the phone I walked
over to him and he offered to give me a tour of the house, so I obliged.
The house is really cool with lots of nice wood, big rooms. He did quite a
nice job on the renovation. We went back outside and he asked if I wanted
to take a walk to the creek. The girls came with us and we just hung out
at barely nude underage the creek for a while."Dude, you're gonna have underage absolute to come over some time and partake with us.""The most I partake is that," I said, pointing to his beer. Though I don't
drink beer.you know."Really?""Never.""Aww, man. underage nudity sex You'll have to do it sometime." We left the creek and started
walking back to the house."To tell you the truth, I've never partaken before." I said."Really?""Nope.""Dude, I just like to have fun. All kinds of fun," he said."I'd like to have some of that fun too." I could tell that he was feelin'
his beer and starting to make what I took as very thinly veiled passes at
me. Or at least I was hoping he was."Douglas, I think you'd be surprised at underage video angels some of my demons."He laughed and made a comment about me polishing up his halo while he
dirtied up my soul, which was a lyric from an Uncle Kracker's "Memphis Soul
Song." We got back to the sexy underage cams house and talked a little bit more. By now I
had been there for over an hour. I could have stayed all day. We started
talking about the job that I had referred him to and he said that if he got
it he'd take care of me somehow, with a referral fee of some sort."No, I don't do that. I just wanted to refer this guy to you.""Yeah nude underage grils
you do.""No, I really don't.""Hell I'm just talking about lunch, or dinner or a movie. Or maybe I'll
tell you I illegal underage tits love you before I kiss you."I laughed and looked down at him (he was sitting on the steps). He was
looking dead into my eyes without even smiling or laughing. I made some
dopey comment like "you are a kooky guy" as my heartrate increased tenfold.
If his daughters weren't there I would have stayed longer. At this point
I'm really wondering what he's thinking. Here's a guy who always points
out beautiful women to me, but then tickles my ass? Damn it's confusing
sometimes. But I'll tell you what, I can't stop thinking about the guy.
Maybe he's bi and wants a fuck buddy. I'm not a great looking guy so I'm
not sure what he'd see in me. I'm still thrown that after talking to him
for only a month he'd call me for the sole purpose of letting me know that
he appreciated having me in his life. But I love his friendship, short as
it's sex underaged pictures
been so far, and keep hoping things will grow.So hang on to your shorts, guys, and wait for part 4..Let me know what you think of the story. I'm Mark at mloganbay-watch.com.
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